I truly love to be a speaker at events and conferences. It's a great way to share knowledge, meet other smart people and learn more from other sessions.

This is a list of my speaking engagements at conferences, user groups and other events.


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  • Advanced Technology Days 13: "Introduction to Realm with Xamarin"
  • Sarajevo Hacktoberfest Open Hack Day: "Open source, from Microsoft with Love"
  • 6th MS Community BIH 2017: "Uvod u Realm sa Xamarin" (Introduction to Realm with Xamarin)
  • Xamarin 2017 Summer Workshop For Students by Me (28-30.8.2017)
  • MS Network 7 (19-21/04/2017): "Uvod u Xamarin.Forms (Introduction to Xamarin.Forms)"
  • Local VS Launch at MS Community F5 SQL/Dev FIT Mostar "Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with C# and Xamarin"
  • University workshop: "Developing cross-platform mobile apps with Xamarin"


  • MS Community BIH 2016 Conference: "Universal Windows Platform + Adaptive UI"
  • IT Girls (Web design course Mostar): "JavaScript in Web design"
  • Openness 2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Visual Studio Code + Node.js"
  • MS Community F5 SQL/Dev FIT Mostar: "Windows 10 + Universal Windows Platform"
  • Hello Cloud - Azure School Workshop: "HTML + CSS + JS + Azure"